Blood on the Water Prelude – Chapter 6

Rosa is on the run! But how long until shes thrown into yet more peril?

Blood on the Water is coming very soon! Did you see the Doctors video the other day? Well, how about a new video?

What can we say, Venice is a dangerous place so it makes sense the gangs have been recruiting.

Blood on the Water is coming but whilst you wait, why not check up on Rosa? Having escaped the tower, we left her haunted by the thoughts of Beatriz whilst she fled into the night. However I do not believe she can stay undetected for long…

The final chapter is ready! Simply click on the picture to read it.

Zovena Vela’s journey has not reached its end just yet! You’ll have to wait and see if she can avenge herself of her father’s betrayal when Blood on the Water releases 25-03-22.

Don’t worry you’ll soon be ziplining into Blood on the Water, but if you have a hankering for Carnevale action before then, head over to the webstore to check out the whole range of fun things!


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