WIP Wednesday Takes A Trip To New Orleans

Pitchstone wasn’t the only town coming to our Wild West range. Oh no, a trip to New Orleans beckons.

We have plenty in the works for Wild West and whilst we have made a start with the Pitchstone range, its time we show you more of what is to come and on over to Louisiana.

True to WIP Wednesday fashion, this one was still drying as it was swiped for a quick photo, hence the masking tape! Following the same design concept as Pitchstone, these feature playable interiors and multiple floors, perfect for your skirmish games.

Ranging from the smaller shop fronts and houses to large, multi level accommodation blocks, there is certainly something for everyone who wants to build their own little slice of the Louisiana Frontier.

There are also some spacer pieces being designed to help you setup and build your own streets. These will give you functional blockades and higher ground access points. So prepare to get tactful in your engagements as who knows where the enemy will be lurking. Behind a wall? Creeping up some Stairs?

Even lurking on rooftops or peeking over balconies! As you can see in this early stages theres a lot of different buildings and styles headed your way.

Much like the Pitchstone range, the plan is to release a few starter sets to give you a decent starting chunk of terrain for your new board. As well as some feature buildings to expand with.  Unfortunately, this is all I can sneak away to show you, for now…

In the meantime, keep an eye on the community site for further updates for this and more thats coming to our Wild West range. You read that correctly, there is more!

Has this got you thinking about a new Wild West board? Be sure to check out the TTCombat webstore.




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