Advent Calendar 07

Load up the air brush, we’ve got some models to paint!

Yep, you guessed it we’ve got some brand new Dropzone Commander products for you. Let’s get that door open and see what’s coming!

Behind door 7 in the advent calendar is 5 brand new Dropzone Commander box sets. One for each faction! Each factions box set includes at least 1 brand new unit.

The Armour Battlegroups are the perfect addition for a new player to add onto their starter army. As the set contains all the compulsory choices in the Armour Battlegroup, with Auxiliary units for support.

Shaltari Swift Armour Battlegroup

The Shaltari Swift Armour Battlegroup contains. 3 Atlatl Gravtanks which can teleport friends and foes around the tabletop. Alternatively, you can build them as Arrowhead Gravtanks for all your anti air needs. A Puma Sonic Warstrider provides heavy firepower and the Alligator helps your Gravtanks move faster. For transport, the Eden Gate teleports your vehicles into battle with speed!

UCM Combined Armour Battlegroup

The UCM Combined Armour Battlegroup contains: 4 Polecat Buggies which are armed, with Twin Nemesis Miniguns for anti- infantry fire. Or Aggressor Cannons for dealing with opponents vehicles. All of which can be transported in a Vulture Dropship. Alongside this, the set includes 2 Gladius Heavy Tanks, which bring substantial firepower to the battlefield. With its Twin Avenger Railguns or Quake Accelerated Mortars. All of these ground units are accompanied by 2 Falcon Light Gunships for aerial support.

Scourge Rapid Armour Battlegroup

Next up we have the Scourge Rapid Armour Battlegroup that includes: A Harbinger Troopship transports 4 Spectre Skimtanks. These make up the bulk of this force. Armed with long ranged Plasma Lances or the terrifying Photon Blasters. Which can shoot through walls. In conjunction to this 2 Corsair Interceptors provide support for a Savager Laser Barge.

Resistance Platoon Armour Battlegroup

The Resistance Platoon Armour Battlegroup, consists of 2 Patton AFVs, which are armed for anti-light or anti heavy vehicle fire. A Napoleon Heavy Tank makes short work of infantry, vehicles or scenery. Thanks to its Banisher Rotary Cannons.  In addition 2 Zhukov AA Tanks provide deadly anti air firepower. The transport option for this set is 2 Lifthawk dropships.

PHR Advanced Armour Battlegroup

The PHR Advanced Armour Battlegroup, contains 4 Diana Jetskimmers. These are perfect for destroying large enemies by combing their Molecular Agitator. Alternatively you can build them as Aurora Jetskimmers. Which provide excellent shields.  For transport the battlegroup uses a  Neptune Dropship to carry the 2 Odin Heavy Walkers and 2 Erebos EM Walkers.

That’s it for todays advent calender post, you can expect to see these with one of the 1st Dropzone releases in the new year.

If this has sparked your curiosity. You can check out the rest of the Dropzone Commander range here. If you have something of ours that you have painted and want to show it off.  Email us photos over to as we would love to see it!

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See you next Tuesday for another Dropzone Calendar reveal.

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