WIP Wednesday – Civitalis Ruins

The end of the year is quickly approaching but we’re ending it with something exciting; of a Sci – Fi Gothic scenery box set!

Previously the only boxed terrain we sell is the exclusive white box deals. However the Civitalis Ruins will be the first of a new range of boxed MDF scenery, that will be available all year round!

One of the primary aims of the Civitalis Ruins is for it to be accessible for all levels of hobbyists. The ruins are quick and easy to build making it the perfect introduction kit for new and upcoming hobby enthusiasts. Another aim was for it to be a fantastic value kit, allowing you to have an entire playable tabletop with minimal cost.

We designed the set from scratch with competitive play in mind. Whilst still making it perfect for casual play. We’ve done this by blocking out the windows to create loads of line of sight blocking areas, as well as 3 storied vantage points.

The crates within the kit are stackable. Much the same as the ones you can find in the Freighter Graveyard sets. The thought process behind this is to create unique and interesting builds whilst still safely having the crates locked in place.  Model safety is a key philosophy here at TTCombat – We don’t like it when our models fall off buildings!

The Civitalis Ruins will be very available soon. But if you would like to see the rest of the TTCombat range then you can check it out here.


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