Teaser Tuesday – Teeny Tiny Terrain

Hey Folks, welcome to another Teaser Tuesday. This week we are showing off a brand new range of SCI-FI X buildings which will be available this Friday.

This week we’ll be releasing some new Sci-Fi X kits. They will be joining our ever expanding set of industrial themed scenery for Dropzone Commander. Similarly these kits will be perfect for other 10mm scale table top games.

Quad Storage Platforms

These Quad Storage Platforms feature a really unique aesthetic whilst still bolstering some key playability features such as plenty of line of sight blocking. In addition to this both levels of the platforms have space for models to garrison, allowing you to get a strong vantage point over your foes.

Mega Ventilation Fan

A very fitting name for this kit, as it’s pretty damn mega. The kit consists of 2 silos which even have a cheeky staircase going up the side to add another level of beauty and allows your troops to get to the top. As well as these silos you get the Mega Fan itself. The fan has loads of features such as line of sight blocking and ample room on top for mini skirmishes to break out.

That’s it for the teases this week folks. We’ll have two more kits coming your this Friday. If you would like to see more of the SCI – Fi X range then you can find them here. The kits themselves have be designed with our very own Dropzone Commander game in mind, so if you would like to see what Dropzone Commander has to offer you can check the range out here.


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