White Box Bundles – WIP Wednesday

The end of the year is coming in fast. With that in mind, we’ve been busy working on our ever popular White Box Bundles!

If you’re new to the white box bundles, they’re essentially an amazingly good value scenery bundle set, covering our scenery ranges.  So if you’re looking to make a new board or spruce up an old one, you are going to want one of these!

There are 11 new boxes in total this year which we are finalising and wrapping up as I type this.  Nonetheless, there are some I can show you already.

Ruins, we’ve got ruins over here, a full Sci-Fi Gothic boards worth! 5 kits in total, including some resin fuel caches to make up our jam packed Ruined Aquila Sector.  Theres £100+ scenery in this box and will coming to you at a great price.

Maybe you prefer fantasy terrain, if so we have you covered with Beggars Alley. Consisting of buildings from our Savage Domain range from the Cobblers Townhouse to Cheapside. This is a great looking board and if you’re looking for paint ideas for these kits, check out this fantastic paint job of the Town house in our recent Monday Motivation.

If those two don’t take your fancy, maybe something modular with our Research Installation. Featuring a range of Sector 4 Kits that are fully modular, giving you endless possibilities on how to set up this board.

Theres still 8 more fantastic bundle boxes headed your way, even one with unreleased kits (I know!). More information, particularly about their release, will be coming very soon, so keep your eyes out for that!

These are limited stock and sell out very quickly so you don’t want to miss out.

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