Teaser Tuesday – Wild West Pitchstone

Hey folks, following on from last weeks release of brand new Wild West kits, we’ll be continuing to expand the Pitchstone range this week.

In this weeks Teaser Tuesday, we’ll be showing off 2 of the 3 brand new Wild West Pitchstone kits coming your way this Friday.

Pitchstone Bank

Here we have the very impressive Pitchstone Bank. The bank itself has a playable interior with a ground and first floor which are accessible due to the removable floor and roof. This allows for the Pitchstone Bank to be a very playable kit both inside and out with the long running balcony. Alongside this it features an angled roof giving the building a stylish aesthetic. It also means your models can comfortably balance on the slope and be in no danger of sliding off. (No models were harmed in the testing of this feature).

Pitchstone Municipal

Next up we have the Pitchstone Municipal. The kit contains 3 medium sized buildings. All of which follow a similar design philosophy to the Pitchstone Bank. Features such as removable roofs and floors once again add to the playability of the kit. Alongside this it features the same styled roofs as the Bank allowing for safe standing for all models. The unique shapes of all 3 buildings allow for loads of line of sight block making it the perfect kit for a tabletop skirmish game.

If you like the look of these Pitchstone kits, then check out the rest of the Pitchstone range here. If you would like to see more of what we do on the whole you can check out our full collection of scenery, games and more here.

With the introduction of these new Wild West themed buildings we have moved our current Wild West kits to last chance to buy, feel free to check these out before they disappear.

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