Sci-Friday Releases

This week we give Sci-Fi Utopia some love with more releases and a mat to cut them out on!

We have recently accepted delivery of our new cutting mat to go alongside the other hobby accessories in our range. Plus, we have details on new MDF releases and exclusives.

Octo Pod Dyad

This is your base set. Coming with two Octo Pods and a bridge connecting the two. Multiple sets of this can be stacked and interconnected to provide a modular and varied layout each time you play.

The Dyad is available now for £12.

Octo Pod Tower

The Octo Pod Tower provides a base for any larger stacks of Octo Pods. The base and pod can be used separately or together in larger pod layouts.

Modular connectivity means that these two building can be used with every other octo pod set.

The tower costs £12.

Octo Pod Skyway

Another set to expand the octo pod range is the skyway. The same octo pod design but this time containing interior stairs to help move miniatures from one floor to another.

Connect this set to a larger layout with a bridge to provide more means of accessing upper levels of your construction.

This set is available for £12.

Octo Pod Consortium

The Octo Pod Consortium is a large bundle containing every other Octo Pod set and one extra bridge for added interconnectivity.

Providing enough scenery for a built up table corner or spread out into a sprawling complex

The full set of buildings is available for £28.

Landing Pad

Lower your spaceship insurance with off-road parking! A helpfully redesigned version of an older product. The landing pad has been revamped! Now able to be split apart, it means the platform itself is easier to store away.

Available now for £12.

TTCombat Cutting Mats

Do you want to feel like you work in the TTCombat Design room when assembling your Miniatures and MDF kits? Well you need the new TTcombat branded cutting mat!

Self healing and featuring your favourite base sizes, this mat is perfect for protecting your workspace from glue and cut marks.

Get your double sided cutting mat for only £8.

As you can see, the Octo pod Consortium and landing platform make a great small board for futuristic skirmish games.

You can find these new releases and all our other Sci-Fi scenery here.

Event Exclusives

It’s Event season and with GenCon running this weekend theres a little treat in our webstore.

From the 17th of September to the 4th of October, all of our Exclusive miniatures will be available to purchase in our online store. So, if you haven’t had a chance to pick them up then here’s your opportunity!

You can find our previous post containing information on the exclusive and what models will be available here.

Please be advised that we may experience delays of up to two weeks on Exclusives as they’re made to order.

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