Friday Funday Releases!

This weeks releases include MDF plus our resin Event Exclusives because we’re at a show!!

It’s another Friday and that means it is time for a look at all of the kits coming out this week!

So it’s going to be a longer one this week and we have a lot to talk about with the inclusion of the Exclusives from this weekends event at UK Games Expo.

City Scenics: Marion Studio Apartments

Starting small we have the first MDF kit released today, long and thin it would make a great end of terrace or infilling around larger buildings. Perfect for any inner city game board!

The Marion Studio Apartments are £16.

City Scenics: Quincy Penthouse Apartments

A larger more fancy looking apartment building comes in the form of this kit. A large skylight on the roof allows for entry during gameplay or just provides a more detailed roof section.

The Quincy Penthouse Apartments are £16.

City Scenics: Hamilton Apartments

A great kit to make up streets of buildings quickly is this apartment, double fronted with regal decorations it provides a different look to other apartments in the range.

The Hamilton Apartments are £16.

Here are the kits assembled all together in row. Great new additions to be used with the brownstones, pavement sets and the Lexington building.

The  city streets range, including these new buildings, would make a great post apocalyptic or downtown board!


All the products listed below are now available in the webstore while the event is running and will be removed again after that, so make sure to pick one up while you can!

As with every event, all of our past exclusives will be available online too, with some exceptions that wont be returning… this time. Fan favourites like Zovena Vela for Carnevale, Masked Mayhem for RUMBLESLAM and the 2UP UCM New York for Dropfleet!

Carnevale: Queen’s of the Adriatic

This new box set is the first of the exclusives released this week. It contains Female versions of the existing leaders. You get six models in this box,  one from each of the factions in all new sculpts.

The Queens of the Adriatic will retail for £30.

Dropfleet: Remnant Centurion 2UP

The Remnant Centurion 2UP has returned for all of you collectors out there, appearing from a Foldspace Node literally twice as big.

An advanced modelling kit great for anyone looking for cruiser to display.

Available during the event for £50.

Dropzone: Aaru Ronin Battlesuit

Introducing the new Aaru Ronin Battlesuit! Fashioned after the larger Shaltari walkers, you can now have the second smallest size suit as a tripod.

Contains 6 multi-part resin miniatures with parts to arm all with Gauss Carbines or Bio-Atomisers and Energy Blades. Note that these are alternative models that use all the standard rules.

6 models available in this set for £12

Dropzone: Lima Alexander Heavy Walker

Nothing says “heavy tank” more than a giant armoured vehicle that doesn’t have wheels.

Contains one multi-part resin miniature that can be assembled as either an Alexander or Napoleon Heavy Tank. Note that these are alternative models that use all the standard rules!

This walker is available for £15.

Dropzone: Polar Bear APC

Replacing its wheels with heavy tracks, the Polar Bear doesn’t stop there! A whole new design of APC, this pack comes with enough parts to make two units as either Bears, Kodiaks, or Pandas! The full range of fuzzy creatures.

Contains 2 resin miniatures with the choice to make either as Kodiak ACVs, Panda APCs or Bear APCs. These miniatures are highly detailed, approximately 86mm in length. Note that these are alternative models that use all the standard rules!

These APCs are available for £18.

Dropzone: Solar Reaver Gunship

A brand new style gunship which trades the Intruder style hull for a modern, Dropfleet-inspired look. From front to back, this new design is completely re-envisioned, including the Plasma Lances! Both models in the set can be built as either Reavers or Corruptors, armed with their Razorworm-spewing pods.

Contains 2 multi-part resin miniatures with parts to make all as either Reaver Gunships or Corruptor Hiveships. Note that these are alternative models that use all the standard rules!

This set is retailing for £12.

Dropzone: Tlalocan Taranis Artillery

Swapping the tracks of the classic unit with four legs, this unit looks ready to hunker down and unleash a torrent of missiles. An asymmetrical leg design enforces this further, making the Taranis a real heavy artillery piece.

Contains 2 multi-part resin miniatures with parts to arm all with Constellation Missiles or Thor Bombards.

This redesign is available for £12.

RUMBLESLAM: Phage & Triple D Fued Pack

IT’S FEUD TIME! Triple D and Phage have been talking smack about each other for too long, and now it’s spilling over into the ring. Completely redesigned, these new miniatures use familiar rules but have a whole new look. More muscles, more hair, and more awesome than ever.

The feud pack goes on sale for £15.

If you’re at the event come over and say “Hi” to the staff. You can find all our heavily discounted and world famous event boards, plus some upcoming models never seen before in the wild.


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  1. When’s the next event? I really want that Queens of the Adriatic set, but am going away for 2 weeks and don’t have a safe place for it to go whilst I’m away…

    1. Hey Alastair,
      Aww, the next event is GenCon Sept 16-19 so not too long to wait.
      We will be posting more about it soon on here 🙂

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