Teaser Tuesday – Sci-Fi Utopia

It’s that time of the week again folks. Teaser Tuesday, this week we’re bringing you some brand new Sci-Fi Utopia kits as well as an additional product to our Hobby accessory range.

Coming to the web-store this Friday we have a new Octo Pod range that will be joining our Sci – Fi Utopia range.

Starting off we have the Octo pod Tower. This tower features a lot of customisation and modularity. It can be stacked like the image above. Or can be split apart to make 2 smaller buildings. The beauty of the Octo Pod range is that it is all fully compatible with each other. Therefore allowing you to make some really interesting table tops. The door, ladders and fences can all be taken in or out allowing you to get the exact build you want.

Next up we have the Octo Pod Consortium. This monster kit  incorporates all the features of the Octo pod range into one fantastic product. This allows you to build a sizeable board either by stacking it and making a mega tower or keep it all one story and make a vast labyrinth of line of sight blocking, forcing close combat skirmishes. Or our personal favourite a mixture of them both.

Moving away from the Octo pods, but still staying within Sci-Fi Utopia. We have the Landing Pad. We recently discontinued this product so we could remaster it and that is exactly what we have done. The new design is scaled to be playable with popular 28-32mm tabletop skirmish games. As well as this is much more sturdy and quicker to assemble than the previous.

The last product we will be teasing this week is the TTCombat Cutting Mat.

This Fantastic mat will be available for only £8. It is packed full of features such as; self healing, double sided, base sizing guide and is A3 in size.

If this has wet your appetite for some new hobby goodies then check out our web-store.

Hope you all have a good week!





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