Monday Rumbles

This weeks Monday Motivation is courtesy of Jon Berenguer-Webb who has shared some of the models from his own Rumbleslam casino.

Jon has really gone the extra mile to make these  Rumbleslam models his own and I respect that, because I do the same. Just check out Clear Ice!

This is the event exclusive version of Ice, cast in clear resin (If you’ve not got your hands on this yet, keep your eyes peeled around events). Jon has added some icicles and snow to give him that extra frosty touch. Certainly looks cold to the touch and a job well done!

Recognise Gobba? Clear Ice gave him the chills so he gained a new winter coat and grown some longer ears. No, I do not know how that correlates but its what has happened thanks to the wonders of greenstuff! He seemingly shares the same taste in fashion as a distant cousin maybe.

Waaarrrior has become the ultimate Waaarrrior! The singlet was cut away and longer cords added to the arms with kite string, whilst the hair and boots were also sculpted with greenstuff.

Not all models have received some added sculpting, but they have all received fantastic paint jobs. The detailing on Orkishi is wonderful, from the beaded belt to the texture of the skin. Just looks at those hands! Jon certainly has a strong eye for detail!

I hope this has got you inspired to finish off any models you’ve got lurking in the shadows. You can find these models and our newest Rumbleslam release (Triassic 5 with the cutest Axolotl!) here.

If you would like to be featured in Monday Motivation, please send 3 or more high quality photos to to be featured! We love to see what you’re working on.

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