Friday Releases – SFX Edition

This week we take a look at some 10mm Sci-Fi Terrain.  Small buildings, big rules!

In this post I will be talking through this weeks releases. It’s all smaller scale today, perfect for Dropzone Commander and each terrain piece has some optional rules to go with it to really spice up your games!

SFX Exhaust Towers

This structure cant take a lot of punishment with only 16 damage points. You wouldn’t want your infantry to stay in here for too long, especially as the gantries provide no cover.

Impassable and solid, it’s a great set to block line of sight. Put an objective marker in here and watch the infantry from both sides scramble through this dangerous terrain.

Exhaust Towers are available for £16.

SFX Tri Platforms

This is a modular kit, meaning that you can combine any number these individual triangles into a much larger building. Even as far as making a ring of six.

Much the same as the Exhaust Towers, the gantries here provide no cover benefit for your infantry. So best not leave them in the structure for very long!

A set of three Tri Platforms sell for £12.

SFX Cooling Towers

These cooling towers provide a rule that after being reduced to lower than 10 damage points, they crack open and irradiate a 6″ radius area around the terrain piece. Infantry beware!

This opens up some interesting gameplay moments strategically using this terrain as area denial for infantry.

Cooling towers are available for £12.

SFX Phi Particle Collider

This collider is a little different. Providing more cover than the others and 4 distinct areas to garrison.

This extra cover and damage points come at a cost. When this terrain piece is destroyed all units within 1D3 destruction range are sucked into a black hole and destroyed! So, defend at your own risk.

The Particle Collider costs £12.

As you can see the buildings make a great looking board, providing new ways to play with a risk and reward to your infantry making use of any building.

All of our new SFX kits are now available in the new releases section of our store page.

For more information on the terrain rules the new kits provide, you can check out the Dropzone Commander Resources.




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