Wild WIP Wednesday

Its been a long time, months in fact, since we teased some of the new Wild West range, so I think its about time we got that show back on the road!

Cast your minds back to the advent calendar and you would have seen this little teaser of the new Wild West range.

Things have progressed a lot since then, the MDF designers are working very hard on bringing these new ranges to life. This week though, Ill show you just some of the town I am working on.

Versatility and full playability is the idea with this revamp and we’ll be introducing a range of starter sets for the terrain alongside standalone kits. Every building will feature removable roofs and levels. As teased with this version of the church back in the advent calandar.

It has changed a fair bit since this tease, but the church now physically exists. Its kept the core of the original design but it has seen a remodel. Mainly, ditching a lot of extra unnecessary detail that could be added with the MDF. It keeps the build easier!

How about something new though? Like this bank. A multilevel centre piece to the town set as a standalone kit. Theres plenty going on round the back too but I am not showing that. Cant show everything just yet!

Some models, tick all the right boxes from the offset and require little to no changes, others can see complete reworks after a test build. With this bank its ticked the boxes from design to build, meaning its very likely the launch version!

That is also a whole stack of other buildings for the range its sitting on too. Ill be building those over the coming days!

As the kits expand and are updated through the test builds, it often highlights the need for something else. In this case I felt the town was missing a corner building to tie the kits together.

Its very early stages but it fills a need that can give you multiple street layout options. There is plenty more to come and I suggest checking the banner closely for some teases of what incoming!

In the coming weeks there will be more teases and updates on the Wild West range. Its a great time if you play Wild West games so be sure to check our store for your western needs!

News of a release date will come, 2021 is going to be wild.


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