Teaser Tuesday – Sci-Fi X

It’s time for another Teaser Tuesday and this week we’re scaling down and having a look at some 10mm buildings.

Coming to the webstore this Friday is an assortment of brand new buildings for your 10mm or smaller games, like Dropzone Commander. These industrial kits will be a great addition to the compounds we last released for Sci-Fi X.

First up are the Exhaust Towers, these stacks are pretty high rise and can give a good bit of cover to smaller aerial units. The walkways connecting these structures seem pretty dangerous, I don’t see any hand rails at all!

The second of our four kits are the Tri Platforms. These prism shaped towers can be joined together for some larger connected walkways but also look great on their own.

Every industrial landscape needs some cooling towers, and SFX is no exception. These might not be the largest of cooling towers, but they do have a handy walkway running between them both. It’s just wide enough to get a Dropzone infantry base and just tall enough to hide plenty of vehicles behind.

Lastly we have the Phi Particle Collider. This very sciencey structure once pushed the boundaries of knowledge, now it’s something to be fought over.  I’m sure it’s perfectly safe and nothing could ever cause it to catastrophically malfunction, right?

All of these kits will be coming to the webstore on Friday, in addition to the suggested rules for using them! You’ll have to wait till the end of the week to see them though.

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