Teaser Tuesday – MDF & Resin!

Hey Folks, this week is a big one. We have both MDF and Resin releases for you all. You can expect to see new SCI-Fi Gothic terrain as well as Dropzone Commander restocks.

Starting off with the MDF. We have some brand new 2021 LGT (London Grand Tournament) terrain for you. This product will be slipping into our ever growing Sci Fi – Gothic range.

Municipium Sector 2021 Board Bundle

The Municipium Sector 2021 Board Bundle is a combination of our previous LGT kits with ne elements implemented into it. It will easily fill out 4ft x4ft board alongside this it has been specifically designed to be tournament ready. in addition to this it is perfect for casual play. One of the many fantastic features of the kit is it is easily assembled and contains very few parts, however the level of detail in each piece has not been lost. We have got a couple more MDF kits to go alongside this, so be sure to keep an eye out on Friday for those!

Municipium Sector Medium Corner Ruins

If you already own our previous LGT kit, then worry not we will also be releasing this booster kit, which is fully compatible with the old terrain. This in combination with the old kit will allow you too create a tournament ready board.

Moving onto the restocks, we have nine more Dropzone Commander products coming back to the shelves.

Much the same as previous restocks, many of the products being re-released come with new weapon options, such as the LiftHawk Dropship which can be seen below.

Lifthawk Dropship


Firedrake Heavy Assault Gate

Scimitar Heavy Tank

I hope this has got you excited for this Fridays releases, in the meantime if you are interested in our other Dropzone Commander products you can check them out here.

Alternatively if you are curious to see what other products we have to offer in our Sci Fi – Gothic range, they can be found here.




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