Sound the War Horns – WIP Wednesday

The wait is over, the drought has passed and the war horns have been heard. Prepare your horde because theres new Orc terrain on the way!

I don’t even know how long its been since we had new orc terrain but Ben has been working hard on a new set and its headed your way very soon. Some of it is still very much a WIP but I have gotten my hands on some of more finished pieces to show you.

This set is suitable for small skirmish games and is compatible with all of our existing orc terrain. Maybe you’re thinking about picking up some kind of new futuristic skirmish game in the near future. Something where you kill enemy teams?

Not only is this scenery perfect for that, the kit is fully modular and the compound you see above can split into four sections.

Now it doesn’t necessarily have to remain as a compound, the modular nature allows for you to set it up as you wish. There are even more pieces that go with what is here, but I can’t show you those just yet, sorry. There are rumours of a tower though! Anyway, you don’t just want renders, you want actual physical products.

If you aren’t a fan of a compound, fret not, two corners can connect to make a long walkway. Perfect for linking buildings from one side of the board to another.

Its even compatible with some of our Industrial Hive accessories, e.g the resin hatches will fit in this doorway perfectly! So if you want extra detail and depth, you are covered!

These are still in the prototype stages meaning things may very well change before they’re released. Nonetheless, we think these are ticking all the right boxes and are excited to see what you guys do with them!

Got a horde crying out for a new board to invade and call home? Now is the time to jump onboard and check out our other orc terrain.

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