Monday Motivation: Carnevale Rashaar Force

This week we have been sent an amazing set of Rashaar painted by Christopher McEwan.

Today we have a Rashaar Force from our Carnevale range sent to us by Christopher McEwan who has done a great job painting the up this large invasion force.

I love the level of detail that Christopher has put into painting these Rashaar, in particular the original Raadru which has this awesome black and copper theme which really makes him stand out from the newer miniatures. The bright luminous paint applied to the new Raadru is great and makes him look like hes just climb out of the canals ready for a slimy fight.

The quality of the Demagogue is amazing with the staff and robes looking being my favourite part. Additionally the detail added to her jewellery really adds to the miniatures finish with a noticeable shine to the gold.

Christopher has carried the theme of Demagogue’s turquoise, blue and golden robes across to the remainder of his force which really brings them together as a collective, ready to conquer the streets of Venice.


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