New Releases Friday

This week we’re back to the city and the world war scenery!

We have finally come to the end of the individual releases of all the World War products we designed for the world famous event boards and white box bundles.

Lets take a look over this weeks releases in a little more detail.

World War: Clock Tower Factory

The clock tower factory work well with any other industrial set, plus the central tunnel is scaled high enough that the red star railway can pass through it.

With a ruined back and collapsed stairway theres many paths and hidey holes to keep your infantry safe as they try to recapture this building.

The upper floors make great machine-gun nests to ambush unsuspecting opposition and provide a bit of height to a game board.

The Clock Tower Factory is only £22!

World War: Theatre Entrance

The theatre entrance provides a two storey shooting platform your troops.

With a ruined staircase and only one way up to the roof, this building would make a great defensible structure.

Combined with the set below, this kit would make a great centrepiece for a ruined city board.

Only £18 for the Theatre Entrance!

World War: Broken Theatre

This kit works as great as a standalone building. A large structure with multiple openings to fire from, accessible balcony and a long flat roof to position your troops.

This building can be split in half to look like a much larger ruin where the middle has fallen in or adjoin the sides of the theatre entrance.

Just £18 for the Broken Theatre!


You can see the buildings from this weeks release on the image below, a better view of the theatre once split.

You can find our new releases on the website, plus all of our other world war buildings from the French City and Industrial USSR range. If you have anything of ours that you’d like to show us, send photos over to and we may even feature you on Monday Motivation!

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