Teaser Tuesday! – Exclusive

Hey folks, we’ve got a big week ahead of us with UK games expo, so with this we also have some new exclusives to show you. Alongside this we’re also bringing you some new MDF scenery.

We have exclusives that hit all our games coming for you this Friday. The MDF you can expect to see is some new City Streets kits. Lets get to it!


Here we have the Queens of the Adriatic for Carnevale. A new boxed set, this fantastic kit contains an alternative sculpt for each faction’s Leaders, all lovingly designed in fantastic, evocative poses. The set includes:

  •  Inquisitor – Vatican  (top left)
  • Doctor of the Mind – Doctors ( top middle)
  • Capodecina – Guild (top right)
  • Venetian Noble – Patricians (bottom left)
  • Noble Strigoi – Strigoi (bottom middle)
  • Magi Rashaar – Rashaar (bottom right)

This Carnevale set will be available on Friday for pre-order, as will the other new exclusives we’ve been teasing recently. Dropzone Commander fans will be getting alternate sculpts for a bunch of units, RUMBLESLAM fans get their first FEUD PACK, and Dropfleet fans… well, they have to wait until tomorrow to see what’s coming.

All of these new exclusives are not timed, and will be available in person and in the webstore whenever there’s a big event. The first one is this Friday’s UK Games Expo, where a small team of TTCombat staff and TTAgent volunteers will be on hand to chat, play demos, and sell you loads of gorgeous models.

City Streets

Moving on to the City Streets MDF, we have more newly redesigned kits! Replacing some of the oldest sets in our catalogue, these new kits are more modular, more playable, and offer you more for your money as well!

Starting off with the Hamilton apartments, above. This kit features removable floors for easy access to playable spaces.

Next up we have the Quincy Penthouse Apartments, this fancy take on an apartment block, features removable floors and plenty of vantage points from all the windows.

The last teaser for you today is the Marion Studio Apartments, this kit features the same removable floor structure allowing for easy access into interior playing areas. As well as this it also has a fire escape allowing for units to scale the building easily.

All the MDF kits are completely flat sided allowing them to be placed side by side and be played as a street.

That’s all the teasing for you folks today, if you are interested in the above models and MDF kits you can check them out right here on the TTCombat webstore.

Keep an eye out on Friday for more Exclusives!


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