WIP Wed: Return of a Champion

The UK Games Expo is so close I can taste it! Were coming in hard with
some new exclusives and some sweet terrain deals. I hope you are ready, because we are.

Well howdy space cowboys. We are back with another work in progress Wednesday and this week were featuring some special edition items that will be available at The UK Games Expo.

So without further ado, let’s get to it. Some of you may remember back in 2018 we released a Remnant Centurion model for Dropfleet Commander. This special edition was a sneaky pre-cursor for what turned into the full Resistance fleet. Sadly, this will not be returning in its current state.

Remnant Centurion 2-Up

We made it super sized version though! The 2-up Remnant Centurion makes for a fantastic show piece or if you really wanted to, you could find a way to include it in your games. Or just fly it around the room making pew pew and zoomy noises.

If you did have your heart set on one of these in he regular scale then take a look at the Resistance Centurion. Not quite the same but very similar which may suit your purposes.

Don’t talk to me or my son ever again!

The 2-Up Remnant Centurion will be available to order on the TTCombat webstore during the event, and in plenty of events to come in the future. There will be limited stock during each event (since they are very labour intensive to produce), so get over to the webstore (or see us in person at UK Games Expo) quick to get yours!

Event Boards

In addition to these we have a selection of terrain deals which will be available exclusively at the event. These kits will only be available at the event itself and not on the webstore like our other even exclusives. They’re amazing deals, so make sure to get down on the day!

Sci-Fi Gothic Ruined City

Sci-Fi Gothic Tomb World

City Streets Downtown

Wait, are those even more brand new City Streets kits?!

All of our event exclusives (except for those awesome event board deals) will be available at the UK Games Expo and on our webstore for the duration. Quantities are limited though so get those orders in post haste (they’ll be live at 3pm GMT on Friday).

Keep an eye out on our webstore or right here on TTCommunity for more updates on our journey to the UK Games Expo.

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