Just like Bezos, we’re shooting to the stars – Monday Motivation

Whether you enjoyed the heatwave or begged for rain, its has now passed (insert British joke about “so that was summer?”) and its another Monday, which can only mean its time to get motivated!

We’re shooting to the stars and back into the world of Dropfleet, courtesy of Karl May. Where he has really made this Shaltari fleet his own, dropping the orange for an eye catching turquoise and gold with purple contrasts. Turquoise and purple is an instant winner with me, so onto the models!

Im going to start with the Dreadnought as that is what immediately caught my attention. Karl explained that the colour was a bit of a mishap, channelling those Bob Ross happy little accidents. Using contrast paints over a gold base coat, the gold turned green so he edge highlighted with silver to produce the green/blue effect.

This isn’t your standard dreadnought, from which I am sure you can see. With the parts fully magnetized, its been modified for a more “X-Wing” look. Not a completely drastic change, but it certainly makes it unique!

Karl aimed to create a dark energy power source by painting the pods a mix of black and purple, with the remaining energy sources in purple. It certainly contrasts really nicely with the colour of the ship.

As you can see the black and purple really looks great in contrast with the rest of the colour scheme.

Karl also modified the mother ships as well as the customized corvettes to really make this fleet his own! We never said they had to remain the same out of the box.

Thank you for sharing the excellent work here, Karl! If this has inspired you to expand your Shaltari fleet, or even pick up the range and more, head over to here.

Got the itch to get painting? Have some models you want to show off from Dropfleet or from our other games? Send us photos to info@ttcombat.com to get featured.

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