Vatican Rules Updates

With today’s releases come some rule changes.

With the Golgotha and Summoner Priest (finally) on the way, we decided to have a look at their rules and what could make them work better together. This in turn led to us looking at more of the Vatican to give them a small balance pass. What can we say? We’re suckers for balance.


First up is the Exorcist. His unique abilities needed something to make him worth taking as a Leader as before he wasn’t really doing too much.

His Exorcism ability giving him -7 Penetration on his Divine Touch was great against Mages or Undead but it could be better. We changed this to make him hit harder if the rolls are good, so he gains +3 Damage instead – a much more useful skill for a Leader with a low Attack value.

Helm of Penitence was updated to add “In addition, enemy characters may not use Will Points when within 3″ of this character.” alongside his ability to Dispel magic spells as if he has Mage (3) and Expert Sorcerer (3). A powerful ability indeed!

Lastly for the Exorcist his Command Ability Fear the Lord has been updated. No more rolling for Fear (0) tests for everyone in range (that takes too long), he now picks 1 enemy character within 6″ and until the end of the round, whenever this character is hit by a Combat action, the attacker gaines Fear (-2).

This should make him much more scary to go against now and feel like a true Leader. His Divine Touch should be stronger against the Undead and Mages which is a much needed change.


The Summoner Priest has had a couple of changes to make him worth taking alongside the Golgotha. Before it didn’t really feel like putting them together was great for the Ducats.

The Summoner Priest has gone from being Mage (1) to Mage (2) and his Discipline is no longer just Fateweaving as Runes of Sovreignity has been added to it. There is no longer any sharing Will Points from the Summoner Priest to the Golgotha either so they have been decreased from 6 to 4.

His Command Ability has had a big change too as he doesn’t give a friendly Golgotha Berserk but instead Come Let Us Make Bricks and Burn Them Thoroughly now allows you to remove 1 friendly Golgotha from the board and place it within 3″ of the Summoner Priest as he literally summons it from the ground! This makes the Summoner Priest quite deadly if he can get around the enemy and bring the Golgotha with him. This has given him a 1 Ducat cost increase though, nothing too much.

The Golgotha has been changed to make him a little less of a pain to deal with.

This beast has had Aquatic removed from his Stone Fists. He shouldn’t really be getting in the water too much anyway. His Life Points have been brought down from 24 to 20, and Dex taken down to 3. With that his Ducats were reduced by 1 as well – he’s still a bargain!

This should make both the Summoner Priest and the Golgotha much stronger when paired together. Imagine the fun you can have bringing a Golgotha onto the rooftops or behind enemy lines!


Patriarch Bishop de Bernis has had a 1 Ducat price increase. This does come with his Patriarch Bishop rule changing from “all friendly characters within 6″ replenish 3 Will Points” to “all friendly characters in line of sight”. Anyone that sees him fall gets mad!

The Cross Bearing Deacon has lost his Fear Special Rule, gone from 17 Ducats down to 15 and his Holy Relic rule has had a slight change too. Before if he was “removed from play as a casualty, all friendly characters within 3″ receive a Stunned counter.” but now it’s “all friendly characters in line of sight.” See a pattern here?

Nothing too much for the Executioner, just a Ducat decrease to make him that little bit more worth picking up for your gangs.

Lastly we have the Witch Finder whos Special Rule has been updated. Suffer Not the Witch now has “enemy characters may not use Will Points when in base contact with this character” added to his previous rule of “This character may attempt to Dispel magic spells as if it has Mage (2)”. Just like the Exorcist, you’ll find the Witch Finder a very valuable choice in your gang, even if he has to get stuck in to get the most of his new rule.

These changes were much needed for The Vatican, mostly buffs but with a couple of nerfs to balance it all out. That is all we have in terms of rules for you today, if you have anything from us you’ve painted and would like to show off, send us photos to Don’t forget to stop by our webstore as your next project could be waiting for you there!

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