New Releases: Desert Dwellings 2 – No Electric Boogaloo

What’s that in the shifting sands, more desert scenery releases?

It’s the second half of our Desert of the Dead scenery release this week and we have more buildings to show off to you today.

If you’d like to see our resin releases this week click here!

You may have seen these kits on our last Kickstarter and if you didn’t back it, here is you chance to pick them up!

We have some temples, town buildings and decorative scatter today so let me get into telling you a bit more about them.

Fantasy Realms: Oasis Bazaar

Last we we had Max in for work experience, teaching him all the processes that go into designing one of our MDF kits. This is what he created.

In line with our desert release he made a large market building that serves as the central hub of trade for the little desert town. It can also be used as a larger home compared to the other Oasis Town buildings.

As Max was only with us for a week we decided that all the proceeds from this kit will go to a charity of his choice, Penhaligon’s Friends. A Cornish charity supporting bereaved children, young people, parents and carers throughout the county.

This kit will go on sale for £16.

Fantasy Realms: Desert Elf Shrine

With Sorceress detailing on the sides  as well as other desert elf designs, this can only be the shrine of the desert elves.

Pair this with the scarab Altar, Grand Obelisk and the desert monuments and you have yourself a temple complex.

Pick this shrine up for only £10.

Fantasy Realms: Necro Shrine

There’s no mistake this shrine to the undead. Skulls and mummified serpents adorn the walls of this building.

This kit along with the Gateway of the Damned and the Underworld Portal would make a perfect objective to capture. Stop the undead hordes… or release them!

The Necro Shrine will be £10.

Fantasy Realms: Triumphal Arches

Great as decoration for your board or to line the entrance to an important building, these arches add a bit of height and interest to you layouts.

Space to move models through the middle of the arch, this kit is also compatible with 25mm grid RPG games. Could this be the entrance to a long forgotten and unexplored tomb?

You get two arches in a set for £8.

Fantasy Realms: Oasis Town

The Oasis Town is the bread and butter of any desert board. Simple construction and lots of line of sight blocking, this kit is great for getting a lot of scenery down quickly.

Wether you’re making one big urban area of spacing the buildings out in between other kits, this set is perfect.

Designed with some limited modularity in mind, these buildings can be stacked to form larger structures and add some verticality to a board.

This set contains 7 town buildings for £22.

Fantasy Realms: Temple of Dice

The earliest known place of worship to the gods of chance. Scholars belive that the carvings on this ancient stone building indicate a primitive form of the modern deity RNGesus.

In short, it’s a dice tower.

The same footprint as the other shrines this building will sit neatly among them, but providing the added benfit of players being able to use it for dice rolls during a game.

This kit will sell for £10.


All of todays scenery releases and more can be found on our website here. We are looking forward to finally releasing these kits outside of the kickstarter. If you’re planning on painting these or have any other kits from our range then send them over to

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