Carnevale Reinforcement Friday

Theres something for everyone in the canals of Carnevale this week!

It’s Friday and that means we have some new releases today and this is the week of Carnevale so lets have a look at what we are getting! For everyone that wants to see what MDF we have being released today, head here. For those that are here for the miniatures, keep reading.

Some of you may have had a little preview in our Teaser Tuesday this week but we have more to show you.


Starting with the guild we have three Gondoliers, coming in with two new models and one previously released. Of course everyone loves a calm Gondola ride, just that it doesn’t really happen often in Carnevale with the Rashaar about.

You get all three of these in a blister for only £15.


Speaking of Rashaar, next up we have the Dagonite Priests. This pack of two has a brand new sculpt, a great addition to any Rashaar gang. These guys are ready to deal some damage and with their Sacrifice ability, replenish a Will Point everytime they do so.

This blister containing two Dagonite Priests comes in at £12.


The Merchants are in town and ready to make some coin! Toss a coin to your Merchant as these guys will allow all friendly characters with the Henchman keyword within 6″ gain First Strike for the round.

This pack of three Merchants is just £15.


Doctors are bringing in a new Lab assistant to make three. These guys have the Hunter ability giving them -3 Penetration against anything on a base bigger than them. This ability alongside their Shock Prods that can Stun could make them annoying to deal with.

It’s only £15 for all three of these.


Martyrs are coming in threes too! The Martyrs aren’t the best of climbing with their Limited Movement Ability, but with Berserk an First Strike they will get stronger as they get weaker. It could be a risk putting these guys as your front line but it could pull off and end up with them throwing out some damage too!

All three of these in a single blister for only £15.


Next we have the Newborn Strigoi and this pack comes with two new models alongside an existing sculpt. The Newborn have the rule Crazed, this means when making a Combat action they must use at least 1 Will Point for the attack. With the Frenzied and Vampiric Attack abilities and 0 Will points they instead use 1 Life Point if the target they attack loses at least 1 Life Point they gain 1 back.

Three Newborn in a pack for only £15.

Of course that’s not all we have for this week as we do have one set of Heroes coming for the Vatican too.


The Golgotha has a Summoner Priest as its Companion and this team is a match made in Heaven. They’ve been a long time coming, but are definitely worth the wait!

The Summoner Priest’s Command Ability is to remove one friendly Golgotha from the board and place it within 3″. This gives you the ability to move your Summoner Priest away from the Golgotha and then bring the Golgotha instantly to him. I would love to see a Golgotha jump off a rooftop onto someone. Ouch!

You can get these two together for just £15!

That’s quite a bit coming today for all you Carnevale fans. If you aren’t already a part of it, we do have a Community Page on Facebook that you can join here. It’s a great place to ask/answer questions, get inspired and even show off your work!

If you do have something of ours that you’ve painted and you would like to share it, send it to and we will look at showing it off on our Monday Motivation post at somepoint. If there is something you are missing from your collection or just feel like getting something new then why not head over to our webstore and start your next project. That’s everything from me and I hope you all have a great weekend

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