An EXCLUSIVE feud is brewing – WIP Wednesday

Its event season so lets keep those event EXCLUSIVES rolling! This weeks WIP Wednesday revolves around a feud that’s brewing between some of our RUMBLESLAM stars.

That’s right, if the banner wasn’t clear enough, Phage and Triple D are getting ready to settle a score. Therefore the best way to do that is to bring you some new exclusive sculpts! Not only that, its an exclusive feud set giving you alternate looks to each of the characters.

You probably saw a previous post where I went over the design process for the exclusives, if not you can read that here. So with that in mind Ill skip over that and get straight to the final designs!

Its more than just a new pose, artist Rei has re-envisioned Phage and given her a new look. The hair is still flowing but this dark elf now has the costume to match her nature like the kick-ass wrestler she is.

Naturally, its not always guaranteed the sculpt can match the artwork, although we really do try to make sure it can. Nonetheless, our sculptor has nailed this and brought this much more dynamic Phage to life.

Not only Phage but Triple D has also gotten a complete overhaul. She has certainly been hitting the gym since her last design because she is jacked! She too has received a new costume which is more fitting. Well, kind of, no sleeves can contain those guns!

Once more our sculptor has smashed this one ready for us to bring her to you very soon. Theres a lot more detail than before making her the standout wrestler she is.

I cant just leave you with artwork and renders though. How about a look at the actual models, currently a painting WIP.

Painted live on our Twitch live stream (that’s right, we stream now) we were giving a very early look into these incoming exclusives.

Be sure to check out our twitch channel as you never know what exclusives we may be teasing on there.

If you’re a fan of Phage and/or Triple D you’ll definitely want to be getting your hands on these. These models will be available as a special feud set exclusive, not available separately. Available to purchase during events from this year and beyond 2021.

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