Teaser for your Tuesday

Hello folks, welcome to this weeks teaser Tuesday, It’s a big week this week so we’ve got MDF and Carnevale Miniatures to show you!

This Friday you can expect to see a follow on from our previous Fantasy Realms Desert of the Dead MDF kits. Alongside this we have a range of Carnevale models going up for Pre-Order!

Desert of the Dead

Here we have an impressive Dice tower integrated into our Desert of the Dead range aesthetic. Alongside it’s impressive looks it also bolsters some fantastic playable features such as line of sight blocking and gives a nice vantage point for the tabletop.

Next up we have these Oasis Town hovels, the beauty of this kit is how well they blend into a desert environment, as well as this the kit is incredibly easy to assemble and can be ready to use on the tabletop within the hour. Another impressive feature of this kit is the hovels can stack on top of each other allowing for some really interesting tabletop designs.


Moving onto Carnevale, we have the Golgotha & Summoner Priest. These very impressive models are part of the Vatican faction. Both units are Heroes. The Golgotha is the companion for the summoner priest and are best used together in a gang.

Summoner Priest  Ability:
Come, Let Us Make Bricks And Burn Them Thoroughly: One friendly Golgotha within 3″ gains Berserk until the end of the game.

Next up we have the Dagonite Priests, these two are part of the Rashaar faction and once again are heroes. These two models look fantastic and will be a great addition to a Rashaar gang with the following ability:

Dagonite Priest Ability:
Sacrifice: For every Life Point this character causes an enemy character to lose with a Combat action using the Sacrificial Dagger, it replenishes 1 Will Point.

For more detailed information on the Carnevale models you can check them out here.

Both these ranges will be available on Friday. In the meantime feel free to check our existing Fantasy Realms MDF kits and Carnevale miniatures. 

Have a good rest of the week everyone!

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