TTStaff RUMBLESLAM Motivation

This week we’re taking a look at what some of our talented members of staff have been painting.

Today we have some RUMBLESLAM painted by two of our members of staff. Starting with Scott who has painted a mixture of miniatures from the ‘Forest Soul’ Casino.


They were all painted with mostly contrast paints. A mix of Akhelian Green (which is actually blue :angry: ) , Terradon Turquoise, and Gryph-hound Orange for anything with scales. Using one of those 3 colours on the others ties the team together, even the Brains Babe uses all 3. Getting RUMBLESLAM painted and ready for the ring this way is incredibly fast and the bright and bold colours you get from some contrast paints really suits the minis. It’s not something that can’t be replicated (or bettered) by many other painting methods, but wow is it quick!

Here’s a  little close-up of the Clear Resin Ice as well. As you can see Scott has painted the leotard which works really well!

Next up we have Matt who has gone with a few miniatures from the Casino ‘Gomorrah‘.


I started with Arachne using an airbrush to get the majority of transitions for her abdomen which helped me finish painting her in a day. After showing the Design team I was challenged to paint the Brutally Devious Shadow Mania within a week, I one upped them and managed to get not just the team but also the Dark Elf Brawler and Grappler along with Phage completed within 3days. I am currently working on more from multiple games which once completed I am more than happy to show them all to you in the future.

Thanks guys! I’m sure there will be more models being brought into the office from Matt in a day or two…

If you are interested in picking any of these up, head over to our webstore. If there is anything you would like to show off, don’t forget to email us at as we would love to show it off on Monday Motivation.

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