New Releases: Desert Dwellings

Is it a mirage? No! We have a new release of desert scenery!

We are all aboard the fantasy train to the undead deserts today, showcasing our all new Fantasy terrain.

If you’d like to see our resin releases this week click here!

You may have seen these kits on our last Kickstarter and if you didn’t back it, here is you chance to pick them up!

We have scatter, centrepiece and interesting kits for release today. You can find out a bit more about them below. Followed by paintbrushes and glue for that pile of shame you have…

Fantasy Realms: Desert Monuments

This group of desert statues make great set dressing for your boards.

The jackal statue would make a foreboding entrance way to an  underworld shrine or portal. We have an old Sphinx half buried in the sand or a part built monument still under construction. Finally, the hawk statue, regal and proud.

Coming in at £10 this set is great value for money for providing your desert board with a few extra details.

Fantasy Realms: Grand Obelisk

This obelisk is by far the tallest of the desert kits we are releasing. It would make a great centrepiece or objective for all your sandy battles!

With hieroglyphic etching and an exposed brick pattern this kit is big but also quite detailed.

The obelisk is available now for £12.

Fantasy Realms: Scarab Altar

The Scarab Altar is designed with wargamers and tabletop RPGs in mind.

The columns come separate and can be glued anywhere along the steps up to the platform. The design provides height and some line of sight blocking as well as a 25mm grid. Making it very compatible with all types of fantasy games.

This kit is £10.

 Fantasy Realms: Underworld Portal

Complete with blue acrylic this portal has spoopy swirling ghosts in the event horizon. A little extra detail that sets this kit apart from the others.

Again with a grid it can be used for fantasy wargames and tabletop RPGs alike. It can even be pushed up against the Scarab Altar and form one large scenery piece.

The Underworld Portal is £22 on the website now!

Fantasy Realms: Gateway of the Damned

This set provides three scenery pieces in different stages of ruin.

Arranged in a series of gates it could be placed along one long promenade or positioned along the exits of your temple complex.

The more ruined of the three gates can join together to form a single damaged one, or be used separately to indicate where the other half of the gate has been lost to the sands of time!

All three arches are available in one set for £28

Paint Brushes: Showcase

So you need brushes for all those models you have , right? Well look no further. TTCombat is adding to its brush range with a new range of Showcase Brushes. Made with sable hair, they’re made for those models that you want to give a little extra attention.

This basecoat brush is great for laying down that… well, basecoat. The layer brush provides the equipment for all your highlighting needs and the fine detail brush does exactly what it says on the tin. In this case, handle.

The Showcase brushes are made with sable hair bristles for finer precision and each one will cost £4.50 each on our website.


You’ve heard of glue, well this is super glue. Great for assembling all our resin kits and anything else that needs a good sticking.

Due to shipping regulations this product will only be available in the UK, but 20g will cost you £3.50.

All of todays scenery releases and more can be found on our website here. We are looking forward to finally releasing these kits outside of the kickstarter. If you’re planning on painting these or have any other kits from our range then send them over to

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