New Releases in Venice

Today we have some fantastic new Streets of Venice kits for you!

All the kits featured today are highly modular and are designed for our Carnevale tabletop game, but can easily be used in other tabletop skirmish games.

Streets of Venice: Modular!

Modular Via Mercantile is the 1st kit we’re showcasing today. The Mercantile splits into 3 smaller buildings or staying as a complete kit (like the picture above) allowing for a wide range of options when being used within a game of Carnevale.

The Modular Via Mercantile come in at: £16!

Moving on: The Modular Banca di Venezia, a personal favourite of mine, this kit is fantastic for numerous reason. Firstly it looks awesome on the table top, secondly it provides great line of sight blocking with the little porch area. alongside this you can get a cheeky vantage point from the top of the kit.

This kit can be yours for: £14

Next up we have: The Modular Venetian Tall Walls. This kit contains: 4 x high walls, 1 x archway with ladder and 2 x pillars. These are a brilliant addition to a table top, as it allows you to wall off specific areas, create alternate routes for your units to move along, as well as give you an unfair advantage when ambushing enemies below.

All these walls for: £12

Lastly but certainly not least we have the: Modular Villetta Scala Aria. This kit not only looks the part but  bolsters some impressive line of sight blocking as well as an elegant way of gaining the high ground advantage. The Modular Villetta Scala Aria will perfectly blend into a Carnevale game.

This kit comes in at: £8

All of this weeks kits are available in store now!

If you’re new to our TTCombat brand you can check out all of our products here.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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