Tables, Ladders, Chests!

The newest expansion to RUMBLESLAM is almost here, so let’s see what it’s all about…

Tables, Ladders, Chests is coming to shelves tomorrow, and bringing with it a whole load of new options for your games.

The long-awaited expansion was worth the weight, as the box is crammed full of goodies!

The set contains a whole bunch of objects to put in your games. For climbing or picking up and throwing! You can step up on a chair, or climb all the way to the top of the massive statue to either escape or to launch a crazy big turnbuckle attack!

And turnbuckle attacks are a big deal here. Wrestler can launch these big damaging moves off of every object, which means you’ll be doing a lot more aerial acrobatics all over the ring.

The Rules

The set contains the full rules, including two new distinct elements: Swag Bags and Heights. These rules are very open, adding new elements but letting you use them your way!

Heights are the most important addition to RUMBLESLAM, making the game fully 3D. All of the objects in the set have prescribed Height values, which show exactly how much effort it takes to climb them. A small chair only takes 1AP, but the top of the belt on the Rumblesam statue is Height 5, so takes 5AP to climb! That’s one go for a spritely Goblin, but would take most characters two rounds to get all the way up.

However, WEIGHT 3 wrestlers (or anyone on a large base) have to be able to be entirely placed on a different height object. You can’t perch a Troll on top of the tiny ladder! While you could combine a couple of tables to make a big enough platform for your Yeetle, these rules are deliberately designed for people to also come up with their own objects. How about a centre plinth that’s taller? Or a ring where the inside is lower than the outside for a real deathmatch. Or how about a pyramid ring?? The options are only limited by your imagination!


The biggest wrestlers aren’t too disadvantaged though, as their WEIGHT value is also as high as they can reach. So a WEIGHT 3 wrestler can just pick someone up who is standing on a ladder! Or punch them so they fall off – there’s always the worry that you’ll fall when you climb high.

Oh and if you really can’t reach someone who has climbed up high, try just picking the object up! They’re very heavy, but anyone on there will fall straight off.

Of course, the higher you climb, the more damage you do. You can do turnbuckle attacks on anyone lower than you, which means you’ll be adding Gold dice to your ATT all over the ring. No one is safe! If your wrestler is at least 2 points higher than their target, you get to add +2 to your Attack roll as well, for even more damage!

Dosh Grabbers

The other half of Tables, Ladders, Chests is of course the Chests! This are collectively known as Swag Bags, and will be fairly familiar to players of Back Alley Brawl. You can pick them up and throw them around. And the crowd will cheer extra hard for the team carrying the Swag Bag, giving re-rolls to Crowd Pleasers!

Swag Bags are most use in the various game modes included in TLC.

Game Modes

The set has three new game modes: TLC, Dosh Grabbers, and The Floor is Lava.

TLC is all about using different objects to climb as high as possible. Each wrestler gains points depending on how high up they are, and the highest score wins. So you’d better throw your opponents off the top of the ladder in order to win!

Dosh Grabbers makes use of the Swag Bags. There’s a mystery bag at the top of the highest object. Once a wrestler grabs it, you get to roll to see which one it is. From a WEIGHT 1 Dosh Pile all the way to a WEIGHT 4 Safe, it could be a big payload! You might even find a Mimic, who is likely to bite you and run away.

The final game mode included is The Floor is Lava. In which the floor turns to literal lava! At the start of the second round, lava floods the arena, and anyone in the lava at the end of the round takes damage. If you’re KO’d in the lava, you’re dead! There’s even a chance that the lava will continue to rise throughout the game, so watch out!

TLC is set to change your games of RUMBLESLAM, adding more new things than ever before. While the rules are a bunch of fun on their own, adding them into your regluar games and making your own objects to add in is where the set really starts to shine.

Tables, Ladders, Chests is available to pre-order tomorrow, but you can see all the other RUMBLESLAM miniatures and expansions right now on the TTCombat webstore!

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