It’s time to RUMBLESLAM with Rumblesam!

Are you ready to get that dosh?

I’m sure you all remember seeing this when we gave you all a sneak peak back in December, well today it’s finally here! That’s right, we have TLC going up for Pre-order today and this expansion set is going to give all your RUMBLESLAM matches that extra SLAM!

Tables, Ladders, Chests

This set comes with everything you need to start leaping on your opponents from heights they never knew existed! This box set comes with one of everything you see and more but to start with we’ll be looking at the  Podium, Table, Ladder and a Chair.

These are ideal for getting that extra bit of height to dive at your opponents or if they have that extra height,  grab that chair and throw it at them. Just be careful as they could just do the same to you! These all count as a height 1 except for the ladder that comes in at height 2.

We also got you covered for all your dosh grabbing needs. Once you get high enough you can grab one of these to aid you in winning the match, just don’t pull the mimic down, that thing looks like it has already eaten but wants more.

The Statue of the legendary, one and only Rumblesam! This really is something when its in the middle of your ring.  This statue starts at height 1 and then goes to 3, 4 and then 5 for the top. I did enjoy my Difuntos Brawler performing Tornillo off the top of this, even using my Bandido Esqueleto to throw the chair at whoever was up there, just out of jealousy that he couldn’t climb it.

This box doesn’t end there. Included is a dirty mat and the rules/scenario cards to get you all straight into the action.

This box comes with a lot and is only £30!

TLC Furniture and TLC Dosh

We also have two separate packs if there isn’t enough furniture or dosh for your RUMBLESLAM needs!

TLC Furniture gets you a Table, two Chairs and two Ladders whereas the TLC Dosh will get you one Chest, Mimic, Briefcase, Dosh bag and a Safe. These two packs both come in at £12.

All of this is available to pre-order now on the TTCombat webstore. We have had a lot of fun playtesting this and are extremely excited to finally get it out into the world! We hope you all enjoy it and if you pick yourself up a box send us over photos of your paintwork and even playing some games with it over to Who knows, you could be featured here for a Monday Motivation post!


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