Dropzone Commander Community Competition

Competition you say? Get more information from us here!

Hello Dropzone players! We’ve got a couple of news points today.

First, the Dropzone Commander Army Builder has a new update going live today. We recently did a large balance pass which caused the database to play up and stop a few things from working how they were supposed to. This included multiple weapon options on a unit coming up with weird points values, and the print army feature breaking.

New web designer Yahia has been working with old web design Chris to make changes on the back end and re-enter the whole database to get everything up and working again for you. Of course with this only just going up and the scale of it, there may be a few inconsistencies and broken bits that will be getting fixed in the coming weeks. If you do see anything please feel free to contact us, but maybe hold off for 48hrs while it gets all straightened out!

You should find the print options all available again now. The weapons options have been ironed out, but there’s still a little back-end tweaking to be done to make the units with multiple weapon options work best. We’re looking at that now, but they should at least be functional for the time being (even if you have to click multiple options when you upgrade your units).

Now for the competition! The Dropzone Commander Community on Facebook currently have a competition going on. What is this competition you ask? Well, I have all the details here for you.

The challenge is to paint a Dropzone miniature to look like something out of a Movie, TV Show, Video Game or Book. This could be painting a PHR Walker like something out of Command and Conquer or even some Kalium Rocket Technicals to look like the jeeps from Jurassic Park.

The deadline is August 8th at 23.59pm GMT and winners are then picked through voting on the group page. The admins of the group will select the top 30 (max number they’re allowed to add in a poll) or do multiple if needed. There are prizes for the top 3 places too.

If you haven’t already joined the Group you can join here where there is more information and the rules to enter are available.

If you need to get yourself a couple of miniatures for this, then head over the the TTCombat Webstore and have a look at what your next project could be!


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