Summer in the WIP Desert Wednesday

Summer is in full swing so we thought we would take you somewhere sunnier. Where is sunnier than the desert you say? Nowhere!

Hello again my darlings. Another week and another creation to feast your eyes on.

As some of you know, we had a Kickstarter for Desert of the Dead not too long ago and now we’re getting ready to unleash those miniatures to retail. So we thought we’d take a look at some of these minis that will be heading across the desert to your shores very shortly!

The Anubti are an army based on the Egyptian God of the dead Anubis. Formidable and terrifying, you defiantly don’t want to run into these dawgs.

Catapult team for them long ranged, large area attacks. Please be careful not to launch one of your soldier by accident. On purpose though is a different story. All work places have their dangers.

No desert would be complete without some dead or half dead Buzzards! Swift mummified vengeance from above! These aint no tweety birds and I bet Fraser is shaking in his little leather boots.

There is nowhere to hide in the desert so you had better have a formidable army or at least be able to run real fast or you will be Buzzard feed! Dead Buzzard feed!

Keep an eye out on our webstore or right here on TTCommunity for more info about when they will be released.

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