Runaway New Releases

It’s Friday, so get your tickets ready for this week’s new releases!

Choo choo! It’s time to board the Red Star Railway!

Red Star Railway Engine

The biggest and trainiest of this week’s releases is the Red Star Railway Engine.

This £20 kit comes with the Red Star engine, as well as 3 complete carriages, a couple of ruined ones, and a flat bed! The carriages all link up together, and have plenty of space for your miniatures to go in, on and around. Or you can split them up and scatter them about your board for plenty of cover from tanks.

Red Star Railway Line

Of course, there’s not much good having a train if you don’t have any train tracks, and that’s where the red Star Railway Line comes in.

This set contains loads of track sections, both straight and curved. There’s a full train shed which is big enough to hold the steam engine too, so you can make a full diorama.

This set is available now for £12.

Red Star Railway Platform

To stop the train, you’ll need a platform, and that’s what this kit does for you. The set has a platform as well as a coal storage, fuel pump, and a little repair office as well.

This add-on kit is out now at £10.

Red Star Railway Fuel Dump

Our final kit this week is the Fuel Dump.

This accessory kit has a bit of everything! Two double fuel cannisters will provide plenty of cover for your infantry, and you can surround them with the fences in the kit. There are 10 fence sections, and they’re made with a fancy design which means you’ll be able to move them around between games to cover whatever area you need.

This set is in store for £10.

All of these kits are available to order in the TTCombat webstore right now, so head over to the World War section and check them out! They’re all designed for 25-28mm games (including our favourite Bolt Action).

If you’ve got a World War board you’re working on, how about adding some trains? If you’ve got something cool, make sure to send pictures over to for us to see!

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