Pavlov’s Conditional Teaser

You want a Teaser Tuesday? Maybe you’d even say you’ve come to expect a Teaser every Tuesday? Pavlovian conditioning, right there!

And in celebration of the great Pavlov*, we have a new set of World War terrain coming to you this Friday!

From the middle of the siege of Stalingrad, we’ve made our very own version of the famous Pavlov’s House!

This massive building actually comes in three different kits – it’s that big!

The intact version has fully removable floors, and would look at home on a Russian themed board just as much as on any European battlefield.

The end piece is exactly that: the end of the house! The floors here aren’t removable, because the kit has been designed to be easy to get into! You’ll be able to move your models around without any need for removing floors. And it looks suitably trashed as well!

And finally there’s also a double set! When pushed together, the two halves of this kit make a pretty ruined, but fairly stable section of Pavlov’s House. However, if you split them apart you’ll have two end pieces. Put them on either side, or put them on opposite ends of the board to get even more use out of them.

The giant Pavlov’s House kits are coming this Friday to join our ever-expanding World War range of MDF. Stop back then to get all the info!


*Yes, we’re well aware that these are two different Pavlovs!

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