Moote Carlo Motivation

Little Luchadores get some love in this week’s Monday Motivation!

This week’s Motivation has been sent to us by aldacellaboy.

It is the turn of RUMBLESLAM to get some attention this week. The Lords of the Ring make a fighting appearance in their trademark red and green spandex!

No team would be complete without a ring to duke it out in and this one is as bright and colourful as you’d expect.

The mat in this ring looks like its seen better days, I certainly wouldn’t want to be smacked down onto that grimy thing. A few spills of blood from last nights match hasn’t been cleaned up yet, gross. These little details complete the look for this terrain piece.

Now for the wrestlers themselves. These shoe-less wonders come looking fighting fit, especially with the fantastic paint job!

They look right at home in this ring, evidenced here but the full team action shot.

Do you think that blood is theirs? Or the opposing team they have been relentlessly pummelling for rounds?

Anyway. If you like the look of these Halfling heavyweights, head on over to our store and pick yourself up a pack of Lords of the Ring or Junior JR Senor JR.

Moote Carlo has a few options for that real South American Lucha feel and you can check them out on our website.

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