New Castle Town, New Ruins, New Releases

We’ve got a whole castle full of MDF releases today, let’s see!

It’s a Fantasy Realms sort of day today, and that means all new Savage Domain kits on sale! We saw a few in Teaser Tuesday, but we have even more to look at today.

Expanding on our Tumbledown Castle Town sets, all of the Savage Domain kits are able to be attached together and moved around from game to game. That means you can have the most modular fantasy board this side of Craggy Bottom!

Savage Domain: Coach House

Our first kit today is the impressive Coach House. This new building is a big statement of intent. If your intent is “massive fantasy buildings that are falling apart”.

The Coach House comes in two parts: the main house and the little watermill outhouse. The main house has two upper floors, with steps up. The first floor has plenty of interior space and also a cute little balcony. The smaller watermill adds a bunch of ground-level cover, and also looks awesome!

Both of these pieces come together and put the Coach House at £26.

Savage Domain: Twottle’s Courthouse

We’re not getting any smaller with Twottle’s Courthouse! This big ol’ kit builds a single big building with some additional walls and blocks to combining sets together.

But that’s not all! Twottle’s Courthouse actually comes apart into three distinct pieces, allowing you to spread out your ruins and cover even more of the board. The pieces simply line up and lock in together to make the whole building, if you want something big and impressive on your table.

Twottle’s Courthouse is available now for £26.

Savage Domain: Rotten Stockade

A smaller kit now, it’s the stand-alone Rotten Stockade!

This little set gives you a small, ruined jailhouse. And believe me, you wouldn’t want to be incarcerated here! Prisoners are dropped through trapdoors into the cell, and left for anyone to throw rotten veggies at.

The building has two floors and a staircase heading up to the raised balcony. It offers plenty of play space for your games, and lots of diring ports too.

The Rotten Stockade is £12.

Savage Domain: Cheapside

Finally today we have a group kit. Cheapside combines three different buildings. Although they’re on the Cheapside of town, they’re still fantastic kits for your board!

There’s a traditional terraced house (although it’s exploded at the back), a mostly destroyed home with a covered back yard, and the barrel house! It’s made of two giant barrels! It also has a walkway over the top, which is great for attaching the other two kits together to make an entire street.

These three buildings are available in one set, now in store for £22.

All of these new Fantasy Realms kits are available to order right now! This is the last batch of Savage Domain sets we’re releasing for a little while at least, so if you were holding on to see what else there is, now’s the time to head over to the TTCombat webstore and put in your order!

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