Monday Motivation: Crumbling Towers

Hey Everyone! It’s the start of a fresh new week. So let’s see what our Motivation is today!

In our post today we are featuring some fabulous Crumbling Towers from our Fantasy Realms range, painted by Michael Chmieleski.

What I like that Michael has done is that he has give the MDF this natural look. With the dirt colour changes on the wall, it adds the aged effect of being out in the elements to long. My favourite detail of all is the patched ivy growing around and up the walls. Enough to show the abandoned style but hasn’t over done it!

Michael has done a wonderful job on this! He has even made a guide video on how he painted everything together. Very fascinating to watch! Check that here

If you have a hobby project that your really chuffed about then please send us your pictures to Have a hobbiful week everyone!

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