New Releases: Kalium Kabal

It’s Friday, which means new release day in the Dropzone world!

Actually, I’m not sure when new things are released in Dropzone world. But in this world Friday is new release day, and it’s a Dropzone release this week!

We are venturing out to the rogue colony of Kalium today, with the release of some brand new alternate sculpts for a whole bunch of Resistance units.

For those who aren’t up to date with their Battle for Earth reading, Kalium is a rogue colony that shut itself off from the outside when the Scourge invaded. By scrambling their Foldspace Nodes, the people of Kalium were safe from Scourge invaders, but also completely alone from the rest of humankind. Until they joined up with the UCM and the PHR and launched a massive attack on Earth, but you’ll have to read that bit for yourself!

In the time between, Kalium became a brutal facist world, with mandatory conscription. Scientific developments weren’t a priority, since their resource-rich locale meant they could carry on constructing patterns of vehicles from before the Scourge invasion. And that’s where our new releases come in!

Kalium Rocket Technicals

We’ve got Technicals for Kalium! This military jeep design takes over from the super-scrappy standard Technicals. Who will be the first to paint one up like it’s from Jurassic Park?

There are 6 Technicals in a pack, and they come with parts to make either Rocket Technicals or AA Gun Technicals. As with all the Kalium models today, they use the exact same rules as the regular versions, they just look super fancy!

The Technicals are on pre-order now for £12.

Kalium Wagons

Kalium Wagons – much like regular Wagons – come in two different blisters, able to make 3 units!

You can pick Kalium AA Gun Wagons which make either the Standard choice AA Cannons – excellent for shooting down dropships – or the Flame Wagons, armed with flamethrowers for burning up infantry.

Or you could go for the Kalium Storm Artillery Wagons. This set allows you to arm your Wagons with either Rocket Batteries for multi-shot but low accuracy firepower, or massive Golgotha Missiles for one single shot that destroys basically everything nearby.

Both sets of Wagons come in packs of 3. The AA Gun Wagons allow you to make all 3 with either AA Cannons or Flamethrowers. Meanwhile the Storm Artillery Wagons allow you to make all 3 with either Rocket Batteries or Golgotha Missiles.

Both sets of wagons cost £12.

Kalium Jacksons

Moving on, we also have the Kalium Jacksons. Although a familiar design (since the pre-war Jacksons like those in the Starter Army are already military/private security types of vehicles), the Kalium version continues that hard edges of the Kalium style.

Jacksons are the Resistance’s APC, and while smaller than most, they get Grenade Launchers, which is pretty nice! At Armour 14 they’re very solid as well, which is nice to keep your conscripts safe.

You get 3 Jacksons in a set, all identical for strict military regiments, for £10.

Kalium Battle Buses

It’s not just typical military vehicles that Kalium are getting, no sir! The rogue colony also has access to a Battle Bus facsimile.

This armoured vehicle is a far cry from the scrappy school buses of the regular Resistance, and is probably my favourite of all the new designs. The kit comes with a whole bunch of options too.

You can build them as regular, unarmed Battle Buses, or you can give them a roof weapon of AA Machine Guns or Rocket Launchers. Alternatively you can put the remote control pod on the front and the antenna on the top and make a Bomb Bus. Although these buses cost more for Kalium to make than the schoolbus variety, once these unpiloted vehicles get to the end of their lifespan, there’s nothing better than driving them into the enemy and detonating them!

There are two in a set and they cost £12.

Kalium Voidhawk Dropship

We’ve saved the biggest for last! The Kalium Voidhawk Dropship is a much fancier version of the Lifthawk. Although it does still use the same rules, since – lorewise – the only difference is that these can drop directly from orbit, and we don’t go that high in games of Dropzone!

The Voidhawk comes with a staggering number of options, allowing you to build one of three different units! Either than standard Dropship variant, which houses Jacksons and tanks, the Troopship version which has a large underslung troop bay for infantry transport, or you can fill up that space with a trio of bombs to make the Barrel Bomber instead – with new Kalium style bombs!

This is the first Lifthawk that’s able to be built as all three variants. Pretty exciting!

The Kalium Voidhawk Dropship is available to pre-order now for £12.


Shipping Containers

But that’s not all! A Dropzone scenery set is landing this week!

The Shipping Containers kit is tailor-made to make your games of Zone easy to set up and more detailed than ever.

Contained within are no less than 12 shipping containers! There are 3 pieces with multiple containers, which means you can make big barricades without having to line things up at the start of each game. Then you also get 4 individual containers for a bit more cover.

In addition there are plenty of small pieces included which are intended to help you decorate scenery pieces of your own or use them on infantry bases. There are 2 rows of jersey barriers that have snap points moulded in so you can easily break them down, and then a handful of brick pallets and barrels for extra detailing.

And this jam-packed set is only £12!

All of this week’s releases are available to order right now in the TTCombat webstore. Note that due to popular demand after the restocks, all Dropzone products are on a 2 week delay. There’s a good chance that orders will be going out quicker than that, but plan accordingly!

Until next week, stay safe everyone, and make sure to not fall on the wrong sides of any military dicatorships!

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