New Castle Town, Falling Down Already?

I do love the smell of burning MDF in the morning. Smells like Friday!

We are adding more kits to our massive range of MDF today. You may have seen them in this week’s WIP Wednesday, and now a whole new batch of Savage Domain kits are in the store! We told you it would be real soon. 😉

For those just joining us, Savage Domain is the name we’ve given to our super modular Fantasy Realms kits. Each one comes with pieces that are able to easily slot into each other, which means a single building can be connected in many ways to any other building from any other kit in the range!

This week we’re expanding the Tumbledown Castle Town set, which is all ruined fantasy buildings. You can connect these to any other style in the Savage Domain range, which means you could make a chaotic clockwork style castle town by using the Cogs of War range, or a city built on an ancient site by adding in some Decaying Ruins kits. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Savage Domain: Cobbler’s Townhouse

Our first kit this week is one of the biggest we’ve made for Savage Domain!

The Cobbler’s Townhouse is a true centrepiece for your board. With vaulted roofs and ornate windows, it’s a true fantasy piece. And of course there’s an additional tower seemingly hanging off the side!

The Cobbler’s Townhouse is amazingly modular. Not only does it come with spaces to lock in other kits, but it also comes apart! The whole Townhouse is made in two distinct pieces. They push together, locking up for your games, but if you want, you can use them completely separately to fill up more of the board and give even better access to the interior.

This massive kit is really a testament to our MDF designers and what they can do with wood. And it’s only £22!

Savage Domain: Toppled Tavern

With the Toppled Tavern, you’ll start to notice a very distinct style to this week’s new releases. The Tavern front is almost entirely intact, which makes for a great street front. However, the back is completely smashed away!

With three floors exposed and plenty of windows on the front, the Toppled Tavern is a fantastic building to hold defensively. Get some archers up to the top and rain arrows down from above! Just watch out no one climbs up after you and throws you off.

The Toppled Tavern also comes with an archway, pillar, and some rundown fences as well, to help you connect it to the other Savage Domain kits. And all that for only £18.

Savage Domain: Square Route

This is one route that will bring you right back to where you started. Probably with magic.

This set actually contains two buildings and a bunch of connecting pieces! The buildings also have almost entirely intact fronts, which should help you make an entire street (maybe some kind of shopping street for wizards).

However, the backs are open to the elements. This means you don’t have to trade style for playability – the Square Route offers both! Multiple levels on each floor, plenty of line of sight blocking, and the ability to connect these shops with any other Savage Domain kit means this set will make a beautiful and playable gaming board.

For two buildings and all the extras, it’s £22.

Savage Domain: Flutterstop Giftshop

The Flutterstop Tower is a popular tourist destination. Or at least it was before it got partly destroyed. As the fable goes: a beautiful princess was locked away up there. So she grew her hair long and learned to control it with her mind, turning it into long, golden wings before fluttering out the window.

The tower got so popular it also got its own giftshop. And that’s what you get in this set! A tower, a shop, and extra pieces of walkway to link them together. The giftshop follows the Cobbler’s Townhouse’s example and actually splits in two, giving access to the floors inside. You can put it down on its own, or use each piece separately, for more gaming space.

This set comes in at £22 also!

As a little extra we decided to put all of this weeks Castle Town sets onto one of our Cobblestone gaming mats, and well we couldn’t be happier with the result.

So do these new kits tickle your fancy? Are you planning a fantasy board for skirmish games? Look no further – these kits are rich with detail and infinitely playable, offering complete modularity of your board with each game. No need for clips or glue, just push the buildings, walkways, walls and fences together to make a new board each time!

All of these new sets are available right now in the TTCombat webstore, alongside with the rest of the Savage Domain range. What sort of board are you planning? Let us know and make sure to take pics when it’s done!

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