Is it a Bird? Is a Cloud?

Happy Thursday everyone! We have some new goodies being released for our fantasy range.

This week we don’t just have one Cockatrice but two and some hardy Trolls along side them.


Would it be a fantasy range if you didn’t have Trolls. Well good thing we do! These ferocious beings come armed with bones, clubs and weighty rocks ready to fend off any foes that they don’t like. They have a very keen eye for furs, so them bears wanna watch out!

This pack contains 6 Trolls with 5 unique designs available for £20.


This stunning figure towers over any Halfling that stand before it. The large wings ready to take off and with anything with in it’s talons. But the real question is. How much to you have to feed it, must be very expensive.

This pack contains 1 unique Cockatrice available for £20.

Zombie Cockatrice 


Oh yes! It’s a Zombie and it’s a Cockatrice. How many of these have you seen around? This gnarly figure is the ideal creature for your campaign for a party to epically fight against or war board to intimidate your opponent and there army.

This pack contains  1  Zombie Cockatrice available for £20.


So what do you fancy? Grumbling Trolls, a pecking a Cockatrice or a drooling and snarling Zombie Cockatrice instead? Check them out at our TTCombat Webstore! 


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