Onward ho to Castle Town we go

Back to the pubs, back to reality and back to our rushing town and city lives. With that, we take you to our new Castle Town scenery which will be coming out super soon. Ai Oh fare folk lets go!

Greetings my fellow fare folk. We hope that with lock down laws easing and your return to the world at large is going smoothly. To help ease your mind for when you get home, we have some new scenery to show you wonderful humans. The Fantasy Realms Castle Town is expanding and we have some truly stunning buildings for you.

We have been really busy these past few weeks, pouring our blood , sweat and tears into these new additions to Castle town. We have some incredibly unique buildings to adorn your table top.

Some buildings that are a bit more low-key but still super snazzy. From concept to creation, here is a little peek into our design process.

I have to say though, the building below is honestly my favourite. Im just sad that I cant live in it. That tower!

So many places to hide and even more streets to run through. All the cover you could ever want and all in just a few scenic sets.

Keep an eye out on our webstore or right here on TTCommunity for more info about when they will be released.

P.S. its gonna be soon homies, real soon.

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