Kalium Teaser Tuesday

Hello Dropzone fans! Are you a Resistance player that wants more options? Of course you do. Read on…

It’s Teaser Tuesday, which means it’s time to tease some Tuesdays.

Or, rather, tease some models.

Because this week is a Dropzone Commander release, and we’ve got some models that people have been asking about for a while now.

This week sees the release of some alternate sculpts for the Resistance in the form of Kalium specific miniatures!

If you wanted to play a military-heavy style Resistance faction, then you don’t need to worry about having scrappy vehicles anymore. This week we’ll be releasing alternate sculpts for:

  • Technicals
  • Wagons (both standard and Storm varieties)
  • Battle Buses (and Remote Bomb Buses)
  • Jacksons
  • Lifthawks (this one is known as a Voidhawk since it can safely deploy from space)

As you can see from all these pictures, you’ll have great options for alternate models to turn your Resistance army into a full military force. Fin has painted these ones in the official Kalium colour scheme (a little less shiny on ground-level than in space), but you could use them as more military-style Resistance cells from any of the Cradle Worlds, or indeed any rogue colony. There’s a great bit in Battle for Earth about the Vega Scrapfleet taking control of a hidden bunker on Earth with a massive cache of pre-Scourge tech).

All of these new sets use the standard Resistance rules, and you’ll find all of the options represented (including the howdah weapon upgrades on the Battle Bus). So you can head over to the Army Builder and start planning your dream army right now!

We’ll be releasing these in individual sets this coming Friday, along with one more Dropzone kit we’re keeping a secret until then. So make sure to stop by then to see all of the new goodies that will be coming to the TTCombat webstore this week!

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