Battleteaser Cruiser Tuesday

Back with our second Teaser Tuesday this week, there are some big new Dropfleet ships on the horizon!

Wait, is there a horizon in space? An event horizon maybe? I don’t know, I’m no scientist.

However, I do know cool spaceships when I see them, and this week we have 10 new cool spaceships for Dropfleet Commander.

We’ve seen teases of these in the advent calendar and previous WIP Wednesdays, but we’re happy to announce that the brand new Battlecruisers are out for pre-order this Friday!

Each Battlecruiser comes in a set with options to build two different variants. Although we’re not going to show all of them today, sorry!

UCM Rome

First of all we have the UCM Rome. A strange hybrid design of Battlecruiser, this ship fills a role between heavy-hunter and escort. Armed with two heavy torpedoes, you’ll be able to make a mess of even the most dangerous enemy ships, and armed to the teeth with point defence lasers galore, this ship is safe from return fire and helps out friendly units too.

All of our new Battlecruisers use parts from the original designs (well, second versions if you count the Kickstarter exclusive ones) and add on brand new pieces, making completely new ships. The Rome is no different as it draws on the Kiev’s triple prow, making something that bridges the gap in the design style between the two.

Scourge Shadow

The Scourge are receiving a new Battlecruiser too, in the form of the Shadow.

This new Battlecruiser has a mixed offensive output, trading its stealth away for just a really scary amount of potential damage. Armed with the classic combo of Oculus and Plasma weapons on the prow, the Shadow pairs those with Launch on its fins, and a dangerous new weapon on top.

Known as the Magnetron Lash, this big ol’ multi-cannon array is the Scourge’s first Mauler weapon. I can’t say much more about it than that at the moment though! Stay tuned for more info.

PHR Pompeius

The PHR Battlecruiser is definitely one of the biggest changes! With a brand new hull that echoes the shape of the PHR Monitors, the Pompeius does something that the PHR don’t often excel at: shooting straight forwards!

Armed with a giant version of the Castor’s weapon, the Heavy Quad Battery can deal out a lot of damage, especially when targeting larger ships. That makes this a Battlecruiser that doesn’t focus on small targets – a welcome addition to any PHR fleet!

Shaltari Hematite

Now for my favourite! Which is unusual, because Shaltari cheat and rely on Shaltnanigans and I can’t deal with their tricksy tactics. But here is a ship that really speaks to me. One Burnthrough laser is good; just look at the Chromium! However, four Burnthrough lasers are so much better. For once a Shaltari ship that I can get behind!

Resistance Senator

Finally we have the Resistance who are also getting their third and fourth Battlecruisers! Bedecked in the classy Kalium scheme, you can tell this Battlecruiser means business.

It’s got about a thousand missiles, which is a nice start! Seriously, that’s a lot of missiles. It’s also got some super fancy scanner arrays, which look like slightly different versions of those found on the Lima. Oh and did I mention those big ol’ green torpedoes? What on earth could they do? I’m sure it’s nothing good for your opponents.


All of these Battlecruisers are coming to the TTCombat webstore on pre-order this Friday, and each has an alternate build that we’ll be looking at later this week. As a little teaser, how about one alternate? I’ll leave you with the PHR Agrippa!

2 Replies to “Battleteaser Cruiser Tuesday”

  1. Battlecruisers are my favorite looking ships, so the more the better! It will be motivation to finish off my UCM dreads.

  2. it’s kind of wild that UCM’s biggest weak spot is that other factions blow them apart at range and yet we keep getting Aegis. any thought towards getting UCM anything that isn’t baseline rules going forward? it’s hard to play the “middle of the road” faction when that also means “less than every other faction” .

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