Tuesday: Teasers & Last Chances

We’re have TWO Teaser Tuesdays today! There’s a lot to go through, and we’re starting with MDF scenery.

We have a big week of MDF scenery this week, so we thought it deserved its very own Teaser Tuesday.

This Friday sees the release of a bunch of new and resdesigned Sci-Fi Gothic kits, and they’re some of the best ones we’ve done.

Updated Classics

We’ve tasked Scott – premier MDF designer extraordinaire – to revisit some of our classic Sci-Fi Gothic kits and remaster them for a new age. An age of even taller super-humans. With many more MDF kits’ experience under his belt, Scott has managed to improve on some of our most popular classic sets. But there isn’t room in the webstore for the new and old ones, so we’re discontinuing these older sets:

  • Gothic Ruined Tower
  • Gothic Corner Ruins A
  • Gothic Corner Ruins B
  • Gothic Corner Ruins C
  • Ruin Sector

That’s right – the most popular kit in the webstore – the Ruin Sector – is getting discontinued and replaced with something new.

You can find all of these kits here. There’s limited stock left: once they’re gone, they won’t be coming back.

Brand New Scenery Kits

But don’t worry, because our updated sets are hitting the webstore this Friday!

We have 4 new kits to replace the old ones and add some extra stuff too. They’re all designed from scratch to make the most out of the MDF sprues, giving you the best kits at the best price.

So without further ado…

Razed District

The Ruin Sector has had an epic glow up and that’s for sure!

The Razed District has 8 corner ruin pieces, all of which are at least one storey, with awesome new detailing. They’re easy to build, which makes this the perfect set for beginners.

You can also stack the corners on top of each other, making six 2-storey pieces, or four 3-storey ruins. Those bits clip in, so you don’t even need to glue them – they’ll be sturdy enough for a whole game, then come apart for storage.

The Razed District isn’t just ruins though, it also has 2 shipping containers, 5 barricades (replete with gothic styling), 3 tall walls, and a couple of tank traps too.

All of the pieces here are easy the build, most attaching together without need for glue (although we’d recommend having a pot of PVA on hand for keeping them solid!), which means the only thing that will take time here is the fact that there’s so much in the set!

The best bit about this amazing kit is the price though. All of that will hit the TTCombat webstore for £20. You can easily cover a small board with terrain for the price of a single Super Space Soldier Monk from Popular Wargame Company! :O

Hallowed Ruins

And if that’s not enough ruins for you…

The Hallowed Ruins set combines all of the old Corner Ruins into one – much better – kit with so much on offer!

This kit has 7 different ruined sections, with distinct styling and lavish detail on each. As with the Razed District, the Hallowed Ruins pieces have been designed from scratch, making them more detailed and easier to build at the same time. It’s testament to how far the designers have come on in the years between!

All of the new ruins have been designed with slightly larger models in mind, meaning there’s plenty of space for 32mm bases everywhere (and loads of room for 40mm too).

Praetorium Implacable

And a giant tower to finish us off.

This massive new set takes the old tower and shifts it into overdrive! The Praetorium Implacable is a true bastion to sit in the centre of your table. It doesn’t skimp on the detail, and we’ve learned a lot of lessons from the older tower.

This new one is super sturdy, with a lot of weight towards the bottom to help it stay upright all game! It’s also got more playable space with full floors inside and also those awesome pulpits for delivering your sermons (best delivered with holy gunfire). This is where you’re going to want to deploy your heavy weapons!

All of these kits (plus one more I’m not showing today) are going to be released this Friday. If you’re desperate to pick up the older kits, head over to the webstore before they’re sold out. Otherwise we’ll see you on Friday with all of these amazing new redesigns. Maybe by then I’ll have stopped reeling from how much MDF you get in the Razed District!

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