Halfling Goats Riders Incoming!

Happy Thursday! We have some new halflings available and they have Goats!

Gallop a pace you tiny and fierce footed steeds! Have you ever wondered what Halflings would ride into battle? ME TOO! You guys have been waiting for a while for these Goat riders to hit the shelves and here they are!

Halfling Engineers

“Don’t look at that liquid too long, your eye’s might melt” Have you got an idea for a Halfling who is crazy smart or a troublesome bunch who get up to no good? Then these Halfling Engineers are right up your alley! You can put these guys in your army or your personal RPG campaign.

This pack has 3 unique figures available at £12.

Halfling Goat Warriors

CHARGGGGGGEEEEEE! What’s great about these guys other than drinking is that they are fierce and they look it! Accompanied along with the Champion, Musician and Standard Bearer they’re armed with swords waiting to fight off any fiends that stand before them.

This pack contains 10 Goat Warriors Riders figures available for £20.

Halfling Goat Spearman

More Goat riders?! YES! With spears in their hands and the call of the hornblower, these guys also come along with the Champion, Musician and Standard Bearer too, making them ready for battle. I wouldn’t like to be hit by these goats at ramming speed!

This pack contains 10 Goat Spearman Riders figures available for £20.


You don’t want these to getting away from you! Go check out our TTCombat webstore for all of our Halfling range.


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