RUMBLESTARS – Moote Carlo Edition

We have four new Superstars on the way for Moote Carlo casino, and I bet you’re all wondering why you should care. Well, read on!

Usually we do a little tease of rules, but considering we have 10 new wrestlers this week split into two casinos, we thought it would be a good idea to give you all the rules straight off! Hope that’s okay. 😉

Today we’re focusing entirely on Moote Carlo, and the last few wrestlers to bring them up to full fighting strength!

Four new Superstars! We’ve teased three already, and there’s also a mad looking piñata as well. That’s Ppiñama by the way. But let’s start a little simpler…

Peyote Pete

This happy cactus is here for one thing: hugs! Also he’s a pretty prickly wrestler, so that’s always good.

Peyote Pete is a bit of an all-rounder, with a focus on severe damage dealing. While his 2 Silver might not be an amazing DEF, his 2 Gold ATT and 3 Coppe GRP more than make up for that. And he’s pretty spry with a great DEX as well. Otherwise, fairly standard stats going on for this Weight 2 wrestler.

Pete has an abundance of great skills though. So many that you’ll never know the best way to spend his 4 AP each round!

A Double Arm DDT is a pretty solid 2AP 2 Damage Grapple Ability. Scoring Dazed is a nice bonus. But for an extra AP, why not try 10,000 Needles? It has a range of 3 as Pete is able to shoot needles out of his body at his foes. Although only 2 Damage for a 3AP move, it also does a collection of status effects! -1AP, -MP, and Bleeding mean that your target is going to be severely underpowered during their activation.

Although if we’re talking about damage dealing, you can’t look further than Ker Plunk. It uses all Peyote Pete’s AP, but does a massive 5 Damage with a really good Beatdown chance too. If you can grab an extra AP from somewhere, he’ll be laughing!

Talking about all these skills, we’re skirting around one of the best ones: Spiky! This Passive Ability means that anyone Pete Grapples or Lifts gets a Bleeding counter, so he can stack them up. But also if anyone tries to Grapple or Lift Pete, they get Bleeding as well! So he’s offensive even on the defensive!

That’s a lot going on for one wrestler, but at 325K Dosh, you’d expect Peyote Pete to bring the pain.

Pedro & Dedro

On the other end of the spectrum is this crooning chap!

And yes, I meant “chap” singular. Pedro de la Vida and Dedro are two sides of the same coin: a Tag Team of Superstars that inhabit the same body, whether alive or dead!

With that in mind, let’s start at the Mariachis’ signature special ability: Muerto Y Vivo. This special Passive Ability means that the two wrestlers share a Stamina bar, but sort of… backwards? Essentially every time Pedro loses Stamina, Dedro gains Stamina for when he’s tagged in. And every time Dedro loses Stamina, Pedro gains it for his turn in the ring! What this means is that you either have to entirely ignore one so you’re not healing the other, or make sure you take one right down to 0 Stamina, otherwise the other is just coming back stronger!

When you’re looking to Tag Out, why not use their special Catchy Mariachi ability? The two combine forces to play a song that is so catchy that you can’t stop it from literally rattling around your head until your brain starts to bleed. Talk about an earworm! With long range, high damage and Bleeding, it’s a go-to for damage dealing, especially if you then want to Tag Out and replenish Stamina.

As far as stats go, Dedro is more of a brawler, and Pedro more of a grappler. But if we’re being honest, neither is particularly adept at either. Other than a decent DEF and DEX, these two aren’t really Superstars that can go head to head with other fighting Superstars. But as support characters, they really shine.

Each wrestler has their own song to play. Pedro plays the Coro Celestial, where as Dedro prefers the Evangelio Muerto. 

Pedro’s song activates a friendly Crowd Pleaser, so anyone on the team can get inspired! It’s a super handy ability, as you don’t even need to roll. They just get the full benefit of their Crowd Pleaser! Dedro takes a more sinister route, and his skill activates an opposing wrestler’s Crowd Pleaser. But – get this – they don’t even get the benefit! They gain a counter, but they don’t actually get to use it! They just aren’t able to otherwise activate their Crowd Pleaser for this round. Hah!


Finally, let’s have a look at this weirdo.

Ppiñama is possibly the strangest wrestler we’ve ever made. Not just because they’re made of papier-mâché and filled with candy, but because they function quite differently to anyone else.

Stat-wise we’re not looking at anything special, although good luck trying to catch this piñata with 3 Gold for DEX! You’re not meant to catch them, just hit them hard! However, with 12 Stamina and Weight 5, they’re… wait, did that said Weight 5?!

Okay, we have to dart over to the back of the card for a second. The Papier-Mâché rule explains all! And also will explain that fruity colour chart on the Stamina bar. Basically, Ppiñama starts off full of candy, but as they get hit, the candy falls out and they lose Weight. For every 3 Stamina lost, Ppiñama goes down a Weight class. Better use the Candy Cartel Crowd Pleaser to keep the Stamina high! Especially if you want to use Ppiñama’s Kandy Krusher move. A Turnbuckle Ability that deals Damage equal to Ppiñama’s Weight? Yes please! At Weight 5 that’s a killer, but Ppiñama can go down to Weight 2 where it’s not so wise to use it.

Sugar Rush is the next rule we have to look at, and it’s coupled with a little rule on the end of Papier-Mâché too. Sugar Rush means that every time Ppiñama gets hit, you roll a Crowd dice. On a Cheer one of your friendly wrestlers catches the candy that fell out and replenishes all the Stamina that Ppiñama lost! On a Boo your opponent gets there first. It’s a bit of a toss up, but good odds that you’ll heal yourself! Pair this with the rule from Sugar Rush which allows friendly wrestlers to target Ppiñama and you have a walking health factory!

Told you Ppiñama was weird.

So there we have it! Four wrestlers, completely different playstyles all round.

What do you think of these new Superstars? Are you keen to expand your team in weird and wild new ways? Let us know, and stop back tomorrow when all four will be hitting the TTCombat webstore!

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