Another trip to Venice WHOOOOOOO

Finally we have been released from our gilded cages.  What better way to celebrate this fact then to travel to Venice? That was rhetorical, we’re going! Although not physically – we’re staying safe!

Hey welcome back to our happy little corner of the world! Yes that’s right, this week we are back in Venice, finally. Our design team have been working hard trying to add a bit more realism to our Streets of Venice scenics. take a look at some of the new dockyard items we are working on.

Scott has been hard at work making some new scatter terrain. Although designed specifically for Carnevale, it’ll be useful for any historical or fantasy games (or historical fantasy games like ours!).

These sets combine some pieces from our existing resin kits with some new bits to make easy piles of stuff. Excellent for putting down a bunch of obstacles on your board in mere seconds. We’ve got loads and loads of pirate booty or scallywag treasure depending on where you decide to use these.

Also the catch of the day accompanied by some bottles of rum. The rum doesn’t always have to be gone! Just watch out you don’t slip on the fishies and fall face first into the canal. This last one shows all the different components that Scott has made these pieces out of, before they’ve been merged. After they’re merged Scott goes back and fills in any tiny gaps to make casting easier.

That’s plenty of cover to hide behind or jump over!

We are still working on these but we have some test renders that have been 3D printed. Feast your eyes. FEEEAAST!

Please ignore the supports, these would not be part of the final models! These ones are fresh off the printer (still warm mmm).

We would love to hear your thoughts on these bits and what you decide to do with them. Keep an eye out on our webstore, or right here on TTCommunity for more info about when they will be released.

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