RUMBLESLAM is upon us, grab your foam fingers!

It’s a big RUMBLEWEEK this week, as we have a brand new booster box coming your way, along with a bunch of Moote Carlo Superstars!

Brutally Devious Shadow Mania

The newest recruits to Gomorrah are coming out of the shadows, although sort of staying in the shadows? Look, shadows are involved, that’s all I’m saying.

We teased this brand new set in last year’s advent calendar, and you’ll have to wait no longer to get your hands on the hearts of darkness themselves!

In the top you’ll see the little Shadow Flayer and the Shadowling Hanger. Shadow Flayers may not be incredible fighters on their own, but their ability to suck out all the joy from their enemies means your opponents will have to watch their Crowd Pleasers carefully, lest they be removed! The Shadowling Hanger meanwhile is a grumpy teenager who loves nothing more than hanging out on turnbuckles and doing deadly long-ranged divebombs.

There are two Elves in the set: The Dark Elf Narcissist (left) and Dark Elf Sadist (right). The Narcissist only really cares about himself, and as long as the spotlight is on him, he’s going to be very happy – cheers or boos! The Sadist loves little more to inflict pain on their opponents. Take a sneaky stab when no one is looking, and they will find their power increasing the more bleeding enemies there are!

Finally, that big glob in the middle is the Throwing Shade. The momma shadow from which all Shadowlings come from, and an inky black creature that can assume many forms, the Throwing Shade is terrifying! Able to lash out with shadow tendrils from a distance, this is one lady you don’t want to meet in a dark alley (but probably will, because she’s made of shadow).

Moote Carlo Superstars

But that’s not all! We’ve also got another batch of Moote Carlo Superstars this week. The last in the set to “finish off” the casino (like we ever finish anything – there’s always more Superstars), we have 4 new Superstars heading your way this week for Moote Carlo.

First of all we have the walking cactus, Peyote Pete!

Magically brought to life, this cactus loves nothing more than fighting and apparently hugs? Can’t imagine he’s getting many of those;  it’s not just his attitude that’s sometimes prickly – his whole body causes damage when you brush up against him!

We also have a Tag Team for Moote Carlo this week!

Pedro de la Vida is the Mariachi hearthrob that you may have heard singing at one of Moote Carlo’s many clubs. He’s a full-on crooner who makes many friends with many lucky ladies. He’s also a dab-hand in the ring, using his prodigious talents to serenade friendly wrestlers to make the crowd cheer.

However, Pedro has a dark secret! Living between the living world and the dead, Pedro’s alter-ego Dedro can emerge at any time, coming back to life and singing his deadly ditties!

This is a Tag Team unlike any other – the closer to death Pedro gets, the stronger Dedro becomes. And vice versa!

And that’s it! Did you want me to show you all the new wrestlers coming your way this week? Sorry, I’m taking a leaf out Pedro’s book (or was it Dedro’s?): always leave them wanting more.

We’ll be back later this week to look at the new Brutally Devious Shadow Mania in more detail, and will have even more Superstars coming your way on Friday too!

In the meantime, have you had a look at the rest of Moote Carlo? There’s practically a whole casino available already, so head over to the TTCombat webstore now and have a look. 

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