Two Halfling Too Fantasy!

It’s Thursday and we’ve got more Halflings for you! Are you ready?

Did you think we were done with the Halfling adventurers?! Last week we did the classic and traditional. Nice. However this week we have different little ladies and gentlemen for you to admire and purchase. WHAT?!

Charismatic Halfling Adventurers

“I bet that Sorceress could cook up a storm or even better light a campfire for me to cook my pies on!” These guys look like a ball of fun and ideal for you to play more Halfling RPG roles! Here we have a Noble (top centre), a Warrior Priest (top left), a Gladiator (top right), a Pirate (bottom left), a Sorceress (bottom right).

This pack has 5 unique figures available at £15.

Exotic Halfling Adventurers

“Is that a Samurai here to protect the pies?” Any world or any game that you, your friends or local gaming geek squad has in mind. These exotic Halfling should be able to fill the hole, like a pie. We have a Shaman (top left), Samurai (top right), a Monk (centre), a Ninja (bottom left) and a Alchemist (bottom right).

This pack has 5 unique figures available at £15.

Ninja: throws smoke bomb
*pie goes missing*

So what are you waiting for! Go have a wee look at our TTCombat webstore!

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